Accurately Track Source of Hire with SmashFly

With SmashFly Recruitment Analytics, you can accurately capture the most important recruiting metrics into one centralized dashboard. Through integration with your ATS, we can provide key applicant data in your dashboards next to the core recruitment marketing metrics we capture on your behalf as well.

Within the SmashFly Platform, we are able to help you capture data across your entire recruitment marketing funnel from initial view to hire, providing the insight to improve your process and make better use of your recruitment budget.

Let’s look at the data we capture on your behalf.

Recruitment Marketing Metrics

Recruitment marketing metrics provide you with insight into your recruitment funnel and measure how well you convert candidates from one stage to the next.

Here are the key recruitment marketing metrics that we provide:

  • VIEWS: Measures the number of candidates who click the link to your job ad and view the job ad
  • APPLY CLICKS: Measures the number of candidates who found your job ad compelling and decided to enter your application process
  • CONTACTS: Measures the number of candidates who opt in to your talent network during your job distribution campaigns
  • APPLICANTS: Measures the number of candidates who fully complete the application process and become applicants in your ATS

With recruitment marketing metrics, you can easily identify bottlenecks in the application process and fix problems before they severely hinder your recruiting process.

ATS Applicant Data (Source to Hire)

ATS applicant data provides you with insight on how well your recruitment process is identifying and attracting qualified candidates. In particular, it focuses on the recruiting channels you use (job boards, social networks, referrals, SEM, etc.) and helps identify which ones produce high-quality candidates and hires. This data helps you accurately determine your source of hire.

Here is the key ATS applicant data that many of our partners use in their recruitment process (although you can customize it for your organization):

  • QUALIFIED: Measures the number of candidates who are screened and are given “qualified” status in your ATS
  • INTERVIEWS: Measures the number of candidates who made the interview stage of the apply process
  • RUNNERS-UP: Measures the number of candidates who were in final consideration for the position but were not hired
  • HIRES: Measures the candidate who was hired for the position and the recruiting channel that was the source of hire

ATS applicant data helps you accurately answer the most important question: “Where are my hires coming from?”