One Platform. Total Recruitment Marketing.

Top-performing organizations know that good recruiting is about quality, not quantity. They understand that in a changing world, getting the best applicants ahead of the competition — and doing it cost-effectively — demands efficiency, expertise, clarity, and reliability. It’s about transforming the way they recruit and not dealing with a bunch of vendors when one will do the job.

SmashFly answers all of those demands right out of the box. SmashFly isn’t a cobbled collection of solutions from “valued business partners.” It delivers every piece of recruitment marketing from a single organically built platform. It connects:

It creates a marketing and relationship-management suite that’s powerful, yet easy to implement, learn, and use.

As for insight, we deliver rich, practical, and actionable analytics right into the hands of any user or stakeholder through user-friendly dashboards. When you go with SmashFly, you get the tools you need to transform the way you find, attract, and engage candidates.