Candidates Are Like Consumers

Attract and convert them like a marketer with SmashFly's modern recruiting software

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What is SmashFly?

The leading Recruitment Marketing Platform that enables talent acquisition leaders to better attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates into job applicants – and ultimately great hires.

SmashFly is your mission control center: Centrally manage all your recruitment marketing strategies and programs while integrating seamlessly with your ATS to track every candidate from every source, all the way to hire.

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We help great employer brands convert high-quality candidates into highly interested applicants.

All-in-one recruitment marketing platform

Replace your disconnected point products with a holistic platform that brings together your career site, SEO optimized landing pages, CRM, email marketing, social recruiting, job board distribution and employee referrals in one fully integrated system.


Attract more qualified candidates to your employer brand


Engage candidates across every touchpoint in their journey


Nurture candidates with the right message at the right time


Convert candidates into highly interested applicants

Analytics you can trust

Finally, have confidence in your data. Gain full insight into your recruitment marketing funnel, measure the effectiveness of every source in real time and deliver true ROI in your strategy.

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