SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform

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One platform. One high impact approach that puts you in the driver's seat.

With a powerful engine at your fingertips and the right services to fuel your success, you can drive the results you want and need from your recruitment marketing initiatives. With SmashFly, there's no more succumbing to limitations of disconnected systems and disjointed or conflicting initiatives competing for budget. And, when you choose SmashFly, you get our powerful technology and interactive analytics combined with the right people and services to help you go far beyond your goals.

Toolset: The Tools You Need to Implement A Total Recruitment Marketing Strategy

SmashFly's mission is to break through existing technology barriers, enabling companies to implement a Total Recruitment Marketing strategy that delivers new power, strategic insights and better results for talent acquisition teams. Our Recruitment Marketing Platform -- the most complete on the market -- brings together job distribution, candidate relationship management (CRM), multiple career sites, social media, mobile and employee referrals in a meaningful way. Companies who choose SmashFly also benefit from our True SaaS delivery model that ensures real-time access to the latest sourcing technology advances and integration with any ATS.

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Analytics: Numbers can tell a story. Now you can be sure it's the right one.

Traditionally, talent acquisition professionals have been bound by existing systems and recruitment programs that aren't connected -- which means they don't have access to unified data to run their operations more strategically. We bring it all together with SmashFly, so data is interactive, unified and actionable. SmashFly's robust analytics give your teams what they need to assess campaigns, better allocate resources and budget, and continue to improve upon successes. Now, you have access to data you can trust and the ability to easily use it to better manage and plan your programs. And, we equip your teams with strategic views and reports as well as real-time, interactive analytics so you have what you need to adjust outreach on an ongoing basis.

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Solutions: Make Better Hires Across All Skills, Career Levels and Geographies

Our powerful Platform enables companies to solve their biggest recruiting challenges and use recruitment to build an even greater competitive advantage in the market. With SmashFly, you can unite all your initiatives -- like global, campus and diversity recruiting -- so you can implement a Total Recruitment Strategy that helps you make better hires, faster, across all skills, career levels and geographies. And most importantly, ensures everyone on your recruiting team is on the same page working towards the same goals.

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Services: How the SmashFly Team Helps You Bring It All to Life

At SmashFly, we know that great technology isn't enough. We brought our vision to life with the right people and services to deliver for every customer, every time. We bring together SmashFly's Services -- consulting, education, and support -- to help you find better talent, while reaching new levels of success with your recruitment marketing programs.

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Fully Embrace Total Recruitment Marketing

Using our Recruitment Marketing Platform, companies can orchestrate a comprehensive sourcing strategy to capture better applicant flow and readily understand their most important recruiting analytics.

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