Total Recruitment Marketing Platform

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At SmashFly, we provide a single Recruitment Marketing Platform that gives companies what they need to solve their biggest recruitment challenges -- and add a strategic marketing approach to all they do. A comprehensive toolset that helps organizations execute and measure all of their key recruiting initiatives.

All-in-One Recruitment Marketing Platform

SmashFly’s unified Recruitment Marketing Platform brings together job distribution, recruitment CRM, multiple career sites, social recruiting, mobile and employee referral networks into a single, unified software solution. All with the Analytics organizations need to consistently improve and make better hires. This toolset helps companies unite their recruiting efforts and manage them in one place to consistently meet their goals.

Recruitment Marketing Platform

Transforming The Way You Attract and Engage With Talent

With SmashFly, companies are able to identify and engage with talent better than ever before while bringing recruiting teams together in a way that ensures they are working towards the right goals.

The SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform helps organization with the following key initiatives:

Candidate Attraction and Acquisition: With SmashFly, gone are the days of going to different systems, tools and websites to post your jobs and interact with candidates. We bring together multiple ways of identifying the best candidates and make it easy for them to be added to your Platform's Talent Community for future marketing campaigns. And, using social and mobile to attract and engage candidates is easy with SmashFly!

Candidate Development and Marketing - SmashFly's Platform enables you to engage with people you identify that could be good current or future hires, regardless of their source or when you found them. We guide you on how to improve candidate capture on multiple career sites, sources and social media through custom workflows. Then, you can use the recruitment CRM to keep in contact, capture details about them and market to them in the future.

Employment Branding - Bringing together recruitment technologies in one Platform makes it easier to unify messaging and control the way you communicate with the world about your employment brand. And, SmashFly's Platform ensures your career marketing sites, candidate communications and job advertisements are customized to look and feel like your company's brand, so candidates get consistent messaging that they can begin to identify with your company.

Candidate Experience - With better employment branding, candidate marketing and more, SmashFly helps you improve the candidate experience. Candidates can engage with you seamlessly and give their feedback along the way. Plus, if you're using the Platform well, they will no longer feel the unresponsive "black hole" of the Internet after applying to jobs online.

Employee Referrals - It is often said that "Good people refer good people." SmashFly makes it easy for any employee or advocate to refer jobs to their social networks and connections enabling organizations to build better talent pipelines while providing improved tracking of referrals. Now you can truly know the impact of employee referrals as a source of hire against your other recruiting initiatives.

Make Better Hires Across All Skills, Career Levels and Geographies

With SmashFly, you can unite all your initiatives -- like global, campus and diversity recruiting -- so you can implement a Total Recruitment Marketing Strategy that helps you make better hires, faster, across all skills, career levels and geographies.

High-Volume Hiring - When you need to make a lot of hires quickly, there’s no time to post over and over again across various platforms. With the SmashFly Platform, you can easily post to multiple sources, gauge responses and see the real-time performance of your job ads. You are also continuously growing talent pipelines to market to candidates from past campaigns, so you can proactively stay on top of your ongoing hiring needs.

Campus Recruiting - An advanced campus recruiting program can involve dozens of campuses and interactions with hundreds, even thousands, of students per recruitment season with various interests and education levels. SmashFly’s Platform enables you to manage those different students and graduates effectively with our comprehensive suite of tools. And, you can maintain relationships with them long after graduation, creating an important source of future hires.

Military, Diversity and other specialized recruiting - Attracting and engaging specific groups of candidates is easy with SmashFly. When you use SmashFly, you can put together and manage a comprehensive program along with targeted sourcing and messaging tailored to specifc audiences. And, SmashFly enables you to market to these candidates for all types of jobs and locations seamlessly from one Platform.

Executive Recruiting - Identifying and interacting with your future executives requires tapping different resources, mining professional sites and online profiles, and interacting with candidates in a high touch, personalized way. Generic auto-response messages from an isolated ATS are not enough in today's world. SmashFly's comprehensive Platform with recruitment CRM makes it easy to achieve scale while interacting with each executive in an engaging, personalized way.

Global Recruiting - Whether your company is in global markets or you're beginning to expand, SmashFly's Recruitment Marketing Platform puts the tools at your fingertips to attract the best candidates domestically and abroad for each internationally located position. From job distribution to Career Site landing pages targeted for international candidates, your organization can put the power into the hands of your international recruiters to get the job done.

Internal Mobility - Sometimes your next great hire for a position is already working with your company. With SmashFly, you can give current employees the ability to learn about and apply to internal positions. With an easy-to-use approach to internal mobility, you'll retain more of your best people, enable them to develop new skills and put them to work where they can have the greatest impact on your business performance.

Embrace Total Recruitment Marketing

SmashFly's unified Platform and Solutions enable companies to address their biggest recruiting challenges while implementing a high-impact, strategic Total Recruitment Marketing approach.

Learn how to embrace Total Recruitment Marketing today!