Start Building Your Talent Network Today!

The Power of Networks

With the rise of sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s critical to build connections into your networks. With every new connection, you experience exponential growth to your network as you not only become connected to that one person, but to all of their connections as well. The bigger you build your network base, the more influence and reach you have to spread your message and brand to others.

In short, more connections mean more opportunities for your message to reach the right people.

A Philosophical Shift in Recruiting

Recruiting is not just a numbers game — it’s a relationships game, with each candidate being a possible connection to add to your talent network. These candidates not only become potential applicants for future jobs, but all their connections become potential applicants as well. You’re no longer adding to your candidate pools — you’re building your talent network!

How Best to Build and Use Your Talent Network

Every recruiting activity is a tremendous opportunity to build your talent network. Whether you’re placing a job ad, hosting a recruiting event, writing a blog post, or advertising online, you need to have systems in place to allow qualified candidates the opportunity to add themselves to your talent network. SmashFly provides multiple tools to help you do this, with the most important being the Recruitment Marketing Opt-in Database.

SmashFly CRM helps you create a simple intermediate Web page for any recruiting activity, allowing candidates to easily add themselves to your own custom database. As you build your talent network, the Recruitment Marketing Opt-in Database will also let you interact with your talent network by sending targeted email and SMS campaigns or having one-off conversations with your connections to keep them updated about opportunities that exist at your company.

Overall, the Recruitment Marketing Opt-in Database will allow you to increase the size of your talent network and your overall recruiting ROI.