Recruiting Analytic Dashboards

Many companies have come to realize that reliance on self-reported candidate metrics won’t cut it when it comes to making intelligent decisions on how to spend their recruitment marketing budget. The SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform ensures that all of your recruitment data is being consistently defined and tracked, whether it comes from website visitors, placed ads, email/SMS campaigns, or the fruits of sourcing teams building candidate pipelines.

Get Smarter with the Recruiting Analytic Dashboards

SmashFly Analytic Dashboards provide users with a visual dashboard solution to help them better analyze the robust sourcing data already offered in the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform.

SmashFly Analytic Dashboards provide an enterprise-class dashboard solution to give organizations a comprehensive view into visitor behavior, conversion rates, and time-based trend analyses from all job types, job categories, and geographies. It also can integrate fully with your ATS data. giving organizations true insights in order to differentiate channels that deliver value from those that just dial up the volume but don’t produce quality results.

Analytics Dashboard

The solution is built on a data mart, as well as data warehouse cubes that are optimized and designed for fast retrieval of complex relational data. The SmashFly Analytic Dashboards provide interactive dashboards that enable users to drill in and out of a number of visualizations, as well as filter and pivot cubes on any number of criteria, such as date/time, job category, or department. Users can also leverage prebuilt benchmarking dashboards that enable them to compare and contrast their return with the benchmarks set from data samples of other SmashFly customers.

With SmashFly Analytic Dashboards, users can custom-build and share their own dashboards by dragging and dropping any key performance indicators (KPI) onto the dashboard canvas.