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In today’s recruiting environment, the just-in-time approach to recruiting just doesn’t work consistently, and forward-thinking organizations need to focus on building relationships with qualified candidates in order to continuously meet hiring demand.

With the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform, we help recruiting organizations execute a robust Talent Network building and engagement strategy that entices qualified candidates to apply. With everything you’d expect from a Recruitment CRM, our solution combines sourcing expertise with a marketing communication approach that enables organizations to create better relationships with candidates now so you can fill jobs more easily and quickly in the future.

At SmashFly, we provide a robust Platform solution that takes CRM to the next level, consistently building your Talent Network so it can be a key source of qualified candidates in your recruitment strategy.

Exponentially Build Your Own Talent Network

Leverage your job advertisements, Career Site, mobile, social, sourcing team, and employees to create your own pipeline of highly qualified and interested candidates that’s all your own. And continue to exponentially build it with every new recruiting initiative.

Know Your Candidates Better

Utilize social data and Talent Network Forms to capture information on candidates to use in building better relationships with them.

Better Engage with Your Talent

Go beyond job alerts and create marketing messaging and campaigns that highlight your unique employment value proposition, including newsletters and other custom content.

Build Multiple Talent Databases

With robust permissions, we can provide access to teams for specific groups of talent. Multiple databases can be created so your Campus, High-volume Hiring, Executive, and other teams can have their own place to source and engage with their candidates.

Ensure Consistent Candidate Communication

Improve communication throughout the apply process with automated but intelligent email campaigns designed to improve applicant flow and capture important candidate feedback while ensuring you don’t over-communicate with candidates.

Benchmark Your Candidate Experience

With intelligent workflows, automatically survey candidates who go through your apply process. Use this feedback to measure your overall candidate experience and continuously improve your strategy.

Intelligently Automate Your Sourcing Process

Recruiting is about the relationships your recruiting team builds with high-quality candidates. Leverage automatic workflows that fit your strategy to create targeted pipelines, assign tasks, and ensure timely candidate engagement so your team can focus on creating these relationships instead of moving candidate records to the right place.

Fully Embrace Total Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment CRM is only a single piece of what you can do with our Recruitment Marketing Platform.

Learn how to fully embrace Total Recruitment Marketing today!