Career Site Optimization

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The Career Site is an extension of your employer brand and represents your best opportunity to educate and sell candidates on why they should want to work for your organization. The problem is that most organizations still rely on outdated technologies that fail to meet their own and candidates’ expectations.

At SmashFly, we help you create a Career Site that’s all your own: A Career Marketing Site that maintains your company’s brand, and is constructed in a way to enhance the overall candidate experience and ensure that your jobs get found by the right candidates. It’s not a plug-and-play solution that puts your brand into a generic template; instead, it builds a Career Site that is as unique as your company.

In the end, we will help you communicate and measure your unique employment value proposition for improved recruiting performance.

Ensure That Candidates Find You with SEO

Every Career Site is built with SEO best practices in mind and includes optimized landing pages for every new job so your openings can be found by interested candidates via search engines like Google and Bing.

Elevate Your Brand

Every SmashFly Career Site is unique to the brand it promotes. Own your site design, determine the best site layout, and improve the overall candidate experience with a customizable solution that makes it easy.

We Host It, You Control It

Every page on your Career Site is available to you to update and control. No need to come to us whenever a page needs to be created or changed (although we’d be glad to help); you now have power over all of your employment content.

Career Site Optimization

Create Content on the Fly

Creating new landing pages can be a huge cost with other solutions. Not with SmashFly. Our Platform enables your team to create new landing pages at any time for no additional cost. And don’t worry — you don’t have to be a programmer to use it.

Trust Your Data with Tight Source Capture

Career Site data often gets overinflated, causing job board traffic to get lost as candidates navigate the Career Site. Because we deliver Job Distribution, CRM, and Career Sites in one solution, you don’t need to worry about the right source being captured for every candidate who applies. You get an accurate capture of recruiting source each and every time.

Fully Embrace Total Recruitment Marketing

Career Marketing Sites are only a single piece of what you can do with our Recruitment Marketing Platform.

Learn how to fully embrace Total Recruitment Marketing today!