Recruitment Analytics

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Without trust in the data and analytics you have, it’s impossible to make educated — much less strategic — decisions about your recruiting strategy. That’s why it’s vital to have full trust in the systems you use to capture, store, and display the data that you use to drive your strategy forward.

At SmashFly, we help organizations have confidence in their data by helping them accurately capture and utilize analytics across the entire recruitment strategy. We don’t rely on third-party data in our dashboards and reports; we capture data organically through our Recruitment Marketing Platform. This ensures that you can trust in the execution of each campaign, trust in the way data is captured and stored, and trust that you can see the right data at the right time.

When you use SmashFly, you stop wondering whether your data is accurate and, more importantly, start thinking about how to use it to achieve recruitment marketing success.

Consistency and Predictability

Everything in the Platform is measured based on the same criteria in the exact same way. There are never any surprises with our data, ensuring that the decision-making process is one you can have confidence in.

Measure Everything

No matter where you market or source a candidate from, we help you centrally track in real time the sources that provide the best ROI and candidates.

Ensure Accurate Data in Your ATS

Don’t rely on candidate self-selection — ensure automatic source-code tracking for full accuracy of the data that enters your ATS.

Recruitment Analytics

Full View of Recruitment Funnel

By integrating with your ATS, we can help you gain insight into the best sources for attracting quality candidates from initial view to hire.

Analytics at Your Fingertips

With the visually appealing Analytics Dashboards, we provide real-time analytics into the performance of your recruiting strategy, enabling you to slice and dice the data in the ways needed to gain true insight.

Make Better Use of Your Budget

Prove that you need more budget by making better decisions with what you have today. Use actionable knowledge to use your spend more wisely to attract more and better candidates.

Fully Embrace Total Recruitment Marketing

Our Recruitment Marketing Platform is built on a foundation of Analytics providing the insight to continuously improve your recruitment marketing strategy.

Learn how to fully embrace Total Recruitment Marketing today!